This trek is especially recommended for those who intend to do short walks for one to five days. It has varieties for those as well who take interest in long treks of up to ten days. However, a round trip starting at Borit Lake and concludes at Batura near Passu is considered a rewarding walk. Most parts of this trek are easy with wild followers and great summer pastures. The only difficult part is grossing glacier. The panoramic views of Batura (7785 meters), Passu (7284 meters) & Shishper Peak (7611 meters) is superb. You will meet very friendly Wakhi people especially women with their cattle in summer pastures who offer yogurt, butter milk & fresh milk etc. to all visitors.


Days Itinerary
01 Arrive Islamabad.
02 Fly to Gilgit or drive to Chilas.
03 Gilgit or Chilas – Gulmit.
04 Gulmit – Borit Lake-Passugar.
05 Passugar – Patundas.
06 Patundas – Yashpirt.
07 Yashpirt – Shelmin.
08 Shelmin – Lupdor.
09 Lupdor – Kukhil.
10 Kukhil – Batura – Passu.
11 Passu – Karimabad.
12 Drive to Besham.
13 Besham to Islamabad.
14 Flight to Destination.