We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you as “Himalayas Nature Tours”, one of the leading Tour Operators of Pakistan, offering a wide range of tour itineraries relating to trekking, trophy hunting, jeep safaris, and expedition and exploration exquisite culture throughout the country!

Our aim is to become the leading adventure tour company of Pakistan without forgetting our origins and key values. We strive to provide our clients with the best of services and greatest of memories and in the same time we hope to help rehabilitate the positive image Pakistan deserves.

Our key values are trust, commitment and the joy of sharing. We have great trust in our staff & the services we offer and would like for our clients to be able to trust us for more than 100%. We are highly committed to provide superb adventure experiences to our clients and this means that they can count on us even after they have returned home. There is no greater joy then to share – for us this means sharing the vast beauty of Pakistan and the incredible hospitality of it’s people with our clients but also giving back to the communities and providing job opportunities for local men and women.

The main field of activity of our company is adventure tours in the region of Gilgit Baltistan – north Pakistan, a true paradise for adventure lovers!

Gilgit Baltistan (formerly known as the Northern Areas) is situated at the intersection of four of the world’s mightiest mountain ranges; The Hindu Kush, the Himalayas, The Karakorum and The Pamirs . These ranges form the largest concentration of High Mountain peaks in the world within a radius of less than a hundred miles. There are as many as 500 peaks ranging in height from 6,000 m to 8,000 m out of which 29 peaks are over 7,500 m and 137 over 7,000 m.

Five out of fourteen peaks in the range of eight thousand meters are in Gilgit Baltistan, including the world’s second highest peak K2 (8,611m) and the world’s most challenging peak Nanga Parbat (also known as Killer Mountain).

Although we specialize in the north of Pakistan it doesn’t mean we’re not active throughout the rest of the country. We provide exciting trips & activities all over the country and cultural adventures should definitely not be forgotten! Pakistan has a centuries old history and an incredible cultural heritage which is unique for the sub-continent. The region has been a crossroad of various historic trade routes, incl. the Silk Road, with several ancient cultures and a multitude of empires and dynasties having left their marks all over the country.Himalaya Nature Tours offers a large range of amazing expeditions, treks and tours .

The Founders of Himalaya Nature ToursIMG_1536

The founder of the company, Group Captain (Rtd.) M. Shah Khan has lived an enviable outdoor life.He was among the first mountaineers, best polo player and trophy hunter.In 1958 he was team member of joint Pak-British army expedition on Rakaposhi(7,788m),which was conquered first time . Shah Khan belongs to the royal family of Hunza and son of (Late) Mir Muhammad Nazim Khan KCIE (knight commander of Indian empire); Mr. Shah Khan is also one of the legend and living heroes of war of the liberation of Gilgit-Baltistan in 1947-1948.during his tenure in Pakistan air force he introduced skiing and captive breeding of different spices of wild animals and birds  at nalter including astore Markhor ,ibex and ladakh urial and was very successful .

IMG_1528The Managing Director of Himalaya Nature Tours Pakistan Mr. Asif Khan son of Mr. Shah Khan is an experienced, knowledgeable tour operator and has vast knowledge of operating treks, tours, expeditions and trophy hunting in Gilgit-Baltistan region. Before joining Himalaya Nature Tours Pakistan in 1990, he worked in Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) as a Tourism officer for more then ten years, he has got training in Tourism Management and ski resorts from institute of Tourism and Hotel Management in Austria.

Col(retd) M.Sher khan is  managing partner of Himalaya nature tours. He is renowned mountaineer of Pakistan ,who has climbed 4 peaks above 8,000 m, That  are Nanga parbat,Gashabrum1, Gashabrum2,broad peak and was also deputy leader of Pakistani expedition on mount Everest . He has also climbed above 7,000 m peaks Rakaposhi ,pasu peak and Yuksin Gardan peak .