Himalaya Nature Tours Pakistan is proud to be the pioneer in trophy hunting in Pakistan. HNT started Wild boar hunting business first time in Pakistan in 1986 with Mr. Ruddi Humme(late)of Germany and later on entered in to Mountain hunting and have organized  above one hundred trophy till now.

Our history of hunting goes back to 1935, when Mr.Theodore Roosevelt of USA came over the Mintaka-Pass in to Hunza State after collecting Trophies in Chinese Turkestan for Chicago Museum USA, when Mir Nazeem Khan (our grand father) then ruler of Hunza organized Ovis Poli hunt for Mr.Roosevelt in the Mintika region.

In 1958 Mr. Elgin T.Gates of USA (great hunter) came to Hunza on invitation of our cousin Mir Muhammad Jamal Khan(ruler of Hunza),Mir of Hunza organized his hunt in the Khunjerab Chapchingol- Pass and sent one of his best personal  and famous hunter Mr.Gulbast with him to hunt, where Mr. Elgin T.Gates shot some very fine trophies of Ovis Poli sheep and Himalayan Ibex( see the certificate and picture in hunting photo gallery).

In 1950’s and  60’s Mr.Herbert Klein of USA, Mr.Boggner of Germany , Prince Raza of Iran and Mr.Edward F.Noack of USA came and hunted Himalayan Ibex and Marco polo sheep with our family.

In 1998 when community based trophy hunting was introduced in Gilgit-Baltistan and other provinces of Pakistan, Mrs. Gretchen Stark the president of Safari Outfitters USA joined us and till now we organize successful hunts. All hunting permits in Pakistan are sold on auction basis in end of September every year. The amount of hunting fee 80% goes to the community of hunting areas and 20% goes to the wild life department.

Pakistan is the home of many indigenous species of Markhor, Urial and Ibex. Some of the species that can be hunted today are the Kashmir Markhor, Astor & Suleiman Markhor, Blandford, Punjab and Afghan Urial, Sindh and Himalayan Ibex and Blue Sheep.

Hunting with HNT team with our vast knowledge and experience will be life time memory for all trophy hunters. The interested hunters may take home impressive trophies of Markhor, Ibex, Blue sheep and Urial from the adventure valleys in Hindukush, Himalayas and Karakorum mountain ranges, a combination of culture and hospitable communities



Note :The Permits are obtained through bidding except wild bore hunts.

 Species Duration of Hunt
 For More Details and Price Contact Us.
Kashmir Markhor Hunt One Week(Chitral and Kohistan Pakistan)
Astor Markhor Nine Days(Gilgit Baltistan)
Blue Sheep Twelve days(Shimshal and KVO)
Ibex Hunt Seven Days(Gilgit Baltistan)
Sindh Ibex and Bland ford Urial Five Days
Punjab Urial Three Days
Suleiman Markhor and Afghan Urial One Week
Wild Bore Hunt One Week(Five days hunting and two days journey)