Our Team

The founder of the company

The founder of the company, Group Captain (Rtd.) M. Shah Khan has lived an enviable outdoor life. He was among the first mountaineers, best polo player, and trophy hunter.

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CEO M. Asif Khan

The CEO of Himalaya Nature Tours, M. Asif Khan is a son of M. Shah Khan is an experienced, knowledgeable tour operator and has a vast knowledge of operating treks, tours,

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Col(retd) M. Sher Khan

Col(retd) M. Sher Khan is managing partner of Himalaya nature tours. He is renowned mountaineer of Pakistan who has climbed 4 peaks above 8,000 m, That are Nanga Parbat,

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Famous travel writer and climber

The Himalaya Nature Tours Pakistan is also working with Beek Trekking Pakistan in Germany, the owner Mr. Michael Beek a famous travel writer and climber.

Mr. Sayed Masood Ahmed

Mr. Sayed Masood Ahmed is a childhood friend of Mr. Asif Khan and son of famous wing commander Sayed Ahmed known as lanky Ahmed.

Asim khan

Asim khan represents HNT international Business Development team. Based in DC (USA) , he is responsible for the online marketing

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Qasim Khan

Qasim Khan looks after the Chinese desk of the business. He is an avid footballer and coaches a Jnr football team in Beijing.

Shahim Khan

Shahim Khan has the makings of a great mountaineer. Currently he is the youngest Pakistani to cross Gondogoro La (K-2 Base camp)

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Aly Khan

Aly Khan is a keen traveler and is a fan of the outdoors. He has also been organizing tours for “Himalaya Nature Tours Pakistan ” in Gilgit

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Beek Trekking Pakistan

The Himalaya Nature Tours Pakistan is also working with Beek Trekking (http://www.beek-pakistan.de/) from Germany. The owner, Mr. Michael Beek has published two guidebooks on Pakistan and does publicity tours for the promotion of Pakistan in Germany and Switzerland. He came first time with a German expedition led by Karl Herrligkoffer. He is also a famous mountaineer and paragliding instructor. He has a passion for exploring unknown treks in Karakorum and Himalayas. He is the first tour guide to guide a tour from Shimshal-Muztagh-Askole in 2006, Shimshal-Lupke la-Askole in 2012 and has also trekked around the mighty Nanga Parbat.

Concordia Expeditions USA

Concordia Expeditions USA (https://www.concordiaexpeditions.com/) is another company we’ve been working with since the beginning. For 30 years Mr. Masood Ahmad, founder, and president of Concordia Expeditions has been running adventure trips to Pakistan. He has been at the forefront of promoting responsible tourism to Pakistan from the USA and other countries and is widely known globally as an expert in the adventure travel field. He has been quoted in Outside Magazine, the Denver Post, and also has been interviewed by BBC. Masood’s father was a pioneer of Pakistan air force and was one of the leading pilots who flew into the remote mountain areas of Northern Pakistan in the early years of Pakistan’s existence. The deep friendships and relationships formed by Masood’s father with the people and the land of this region have shaped Masood in the role he leads now as the head of Concordia Expeditions. Masood and Asif Khan have been close friends, as their fathers were, for more than 50 years.

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