Skiing and sightseeing tour (Hunza)

If you want to experience skiing in the mighty Karakorum then join us on this trip. We will arrange professional instructors who can give you basic ski training. We will also be providing accommodation (meals included) and all the ski equipments during this trip.
Accommodation (Naltar ski resort); twin and triple sharing rooms.

  • ¬†Islamabad to Gilgit

    Islamabad to Gilgit (13 hours by road)

  • Drive to Naltar from Gilgit

    Drive to Naltar from Gilgit (2 hours 4 wheel drive)

  • All day skiing

    Spend all day skiing (training for learners) (BBQ and bonfire on the last night).

  • Drive back

    Drive back to Nomal and continue driving to Hunza for sightseeing and evening back to Gilgit for overnight.

  • Gilgit to Islamabad.

    Gilgit to Islamabad.

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