Pakistan has centuries old history and an incredible cultural heritage which is unique for the sub-continent. The region has been a crossroad of various historic trade routes including the “Silk Road”. Several ancient cultures and a multitude of empires and dynasties have left their marks all over the country. Himalaya Nature Tours offers a large range of amazing expeditions, treks, and tours for you to explore this magnificent country.
We believe that every traveler has an expectation to uphold. We understand your need and have divided our tours based on what you are looking for!
Just tell us how many days you have and we can customize your tour to your specifications!


The enchanting valleys of Hunza, Shigar, Khaplu, Ishkuman, Naltar, Gilgit, Skardu, Chitral, Swat and the glacial lakes like Kachura, Satpara, Lalusar, and Saiful Muluk add unmatched grandeur to the Scenic beauty of the rugged mountains of Gilgit Baltistan. These tours are for nature lovers who want a relaxing and easy vacation by interacting with the locals and exploring.

⦁ Tour de Hunza (Hunza/Gojal)
⦁ Tour de Baltistan
⦁ Astore
⦁ Chupurson/ Shimshal
⦁ Cherry/Apricot Blossoms
⦁ Swat
⦁ Chitral


⦁ Trekking
⦁ Fishing
⦁ Skiing
⦁ Water Rafting
⦁ Paragliding


⦁ Historic city tours (Peshawar, Lahore, Multan, Sehwaan)
⦁ Buddhist Archeological tour (Wah, Taxila, Swat)
⦁ Festivals (Kalash, Shandur, Hunza)

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