Pakistan is a trekking Paradise. Enthusiasts from all over the world come here to challenge their wits against Mother Nature and her elements. There are fascinating, remote and unexplored treks all waiting for you to explore!
The mountain ranges of Pakistan offer breathtaking, enthralling trekking routes. In the vast amphitheater of the Pakistani Hindukush, Pamirs, Himalayas, and Karakoram, amongst them, they contain the world’s densest concentration of high altitude peaks (five out of 14 highest in the world) in their fold, there are limitless possibilities for trekking tours mountaineering expeditions.
Gilgit Baltistan’s longest glaciers including the Godwin Austin, Abruzzi, and Baltoro which meet at Concordia and forms the largest glacial lake at a height of 4720 meters. Two more ranges, by unique comparison (but minor in size), thrust their sinews and limbs into the Pamir Knot: the Pir Panjal with its peaks of just over 20,000 feet, and China’s celestial mountain, the Kun Lun. Where these ranges merge, they form what many regard as the most impressive landscape that sometimes recalls Shangri-La.
The mountaineering & trekking season in Pakistan roughly runs between June to October, but some routes are only open for a couple of months, each year in summer.
Trekking in Pakistan is an unforgettable experience as it not only let you experience the unexplored trails made by nature but also bring the visitor directly in touch with the country and its people and helps you to appreciate the mountain environment. Here at HNT, we offer a wide range of trekking and expedition opportunities for the adrenaline junkies!

Base Camps

⦁ Concordia (K-2)
⦁ Fairy Meadows (Nanga Parbat)
⦁ Rakaposhi
⦁ Diran


⦁ Rush Lake
⦁ Snow Lake (Biafo Hisper)


⦁ Shimshal Pass
⦁ Khurdupin Pass
⦁ Lup ke La Pass
⦁ Thui Pass
⦁ Chapchingol Pass
⦁ Mazino Pass
⦁ Chillinji Pass

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